Tips and Tools for Motherhood

This mommahood business is no joke, am I right!? As a momma myself I’m more than happy to welcome any tips, tools, and shortcuts to make life easier and here’s where you’ll find some of my faves!

Audio Books

Book nerds unite! I LOVE to read and while my absolute favorite is to sit and read a real book (there’s nothing like the weight of a book and turning real pages!!) the time to sit and read is in short supply these days cuz #momlife

So I started listening to audio books around the house while I work, do laundry, clean, etc and Oh! Em! Goodness!  Listening to audio books while doing things around the house has honestly revolutionized housework! I realize revolutionized sounds a bit dramatic but it’s seriously true! I actually end up finding more things to clean just so I can keep listening to a good book! Check out Hoopla or Audible, two of my fave spots for audio books!

Online Grocery Shopping

2 hours a week! That’s the minimum amount of time I save by grocery shopping online, it’s AMAZING!! My local grocery store offers online shopping that you can either pick up at the store or have delivered to your front door. 

What makes it even better is that I can start my cart with frequently purchased items which cuts down the shopping time even more. If your local grocery store doesn’t offer online shopping directly, pop over to Instacart to see if their services are available in your area! (I’m all for honest transparency around here so here’s a note to let you know that the Instacart link above is an affiliate link which helps me to keep The Sister Joist up and running).

Stay tuned as more tips and tools are added!