I can do hard things mom mantra

The One Thing You Need to Stay Calm in the Chaos

You know those moments with your kiddos where things go from bad to worse and then you completely lose your cool and explode in anger? Truth be told I’ve been there way more times than I care to admit but every time it’s over and I’ve had time to cool down and reset, after I apologize, I always find myself wishing I could have a do-over. 

Wishing that I could go back to the moment just before the tipping point and hit pause so I could calm back down and things would end up more constructively. But since time travel isn’t yet a thing (boy am I going to be on board when it does become a thing! lol), I’m so thankful I’ve found something that has started to help me avoid the blow ups more often than not and I want to gift it to you too!

A while ago I discovered a simple yet powerful phrase and having it on hand when things get tough has been incredibly helpful! When my almost 6 year old doesn’t want to eat the Instant Pot mac and cheese I made because it’s too creamy (true story mommas, I can’t make this stuff up! lol), or when my youngest was a teeny tiny newborn and I had to endure nursing at 3am while also trying to recover from a c-section (yikes!). Saying it to myself repeatedly, or even saying it out loud, has given me the few precious moments I didn’t know I needed to refocus and remind myself that I’m able to take on the tough moments.

And then it occurred to me; what if there were other simple yet powerful phrases out there that I could gather together in a single place and help fellow moms find the one that fits them best!? So here we are momma, the one place you need to go to find your very own Encouraging Momma Mantra! The simple yet powerful phrase you can repeat to yourself over and over when times get tough to help buy yourself a few precious moments to refocus and stay calm.

Mine is “I can do hard things” and it came my way a while ago by way of one of my favorite authors, Glennon Doyle. It’s been an incredibly important partner in tough times and I wanted to gather other equally powerful phrases for my fellow moms. So I asked lots and lots of moms to tell me their favorite mottos, mantra’s, and affirmations, and then I narrowed them down to the very best.

Are you ready to find yours? It’s quick and easy, just head on over to the Encouraging Momma Mantra quiz and based on your answers to the quiz questions, you’ll get matched up with your very own mantra for those days when you just don’t think you’re going to make it to bedtime. For the days when your patience is in dangerously low supply and the irritations are many. For the days when everything seems to be going well but all it takes is a single meltdown or tantrum from your little to topple the whole day. We can do hard things momma, and we can do them together. Click here to get more helpful tips and tools like this one plus all kinds of encouragement! Don’t miss out momma!

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