Jen Hatmaker’s Book Fierce, Free and Full of Fire

Mommas, this book is the real deal. It spoke so deeply to me in ways I didn’t even know I needed to hear. I’ve  marked up a bazillion pages, underlined numerous quotes and it’s opened the door to all kinds of inner dialogue as I work through each chapter of the book. 

“Sometimes we’re afraid or ashamed of it or don’t quite know exactly what it is – the real us – because we’ve tamped it down for so long in response to others’ approval or disapprovalJen Hatmaker, Fierce, Free and Full of Fire

As part of the launch team (more on that in a hot second!) I’ve gotten the extremely lucky opportunity of an advanced copy and oh my gosh, it! is! gooooood!!! The introduction alone offers a heartfelt peek at what Jen is hoping to help us journey through as we read the book and at the heart of it, she desires so deeply to help us show up as our real, true selves. Free from the things that hold us back like the opinions/approval of others, our negative relationships with our body, not asking for help, and so much more.

Now, what’s a launch team you ask? As a self-professed book nerd it’s basically a dream come true!! I get to be a part of a team of fellow book lovers that works with a liaison to the publisher to help read the book in advance of its release and generate excitement about it. There’s no compensation involved so the reviews I write are completely unbiased. It’s an incredible labor of love that I’m so so sooooo lucky to be a part of!!

So, if Fierce, Free and Full of Fire sounds right up your alley, scoot over to your nearest book retailer and order it asap, it’s available now! Be sure to pop over on Pinterest and Instagram as I share even more goodness from the book!

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  1. What an amazing book…uplifting and inspiring! Jen has such a way with words that I feel like she’s sitting here talking to me!

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