5 Special Ways to Celebrate a Tired Mom This Mother’s Day

Under normal circumstances, moms everywhere are doing all kinds of amazing, hard work. Now add to that the current pandemic season we’re still in and they’re doing even more than they ever thought possible, and all while navigating through some seriously uncharted territory. As mommas we collectively already had a lot on our plate and now that plate feels like it’s spinning, and overflowing, and on fire…you get the idea. 

So what can you possibly do to celebrate that special, hard working and probably exhausted momma in your life? I’ve got ya covered!! I asked lots and lots of moms what they’d love for Mother’s Day this year and here are 5 special ways you can celebrate her!

1. Alone time/quiet time

This was hands down the number one response in the multiple places I asked moms what they want this Mother’s Day. I know it may seem odd in a time of social distancing and isolation but trust me, as a momma of 2 myself, I totally get it. We carry so very much all the time and what an incredible (not to mention free!) gift to offer the mom in your home. Time to just be still and to not have to make any decisions. She won’t have to answer any questions or think about anyone else for a small space of time. She can simply just be and pause for a time to take deep breaths or a much needed nap. I can all but guarantee that this gift will be a HUGE winner!

2. Sleeping in

And speaking of sleep, getting the chance to sleep in was also among the most popular requests from moms. To help make this gift go off without a hitch, my suggestion would be to tell her the day before that she gets to sleep in the following morning. Because while I know not every momma is a planner by nature, I’ve loved on and served mommas long enough to know that pretty much all of us worry like it’s our full time job. And so to help be sure that she gets a solid chance at sleeping in, maybe getting to take care of the normal morning things the night before will help take that off her mind. 

3. Breakfast in bed

It’s a tried and true tradition that the moms I reached out to said they would still love to enjoy! Breakfast made for her that she can enjoy with everyone or being served breakfast in bed are ways you can show that special mom in your life that you want her Mother’s Day to be extra special! And if the kiddos are old enough to help, that just adds to the love! 

4. A hot, uninterrupted bath or shower

Getting to relax in a hot bath feels like such a special treat, especially when you’ve been going non stop day after day after day. It’ll be time for mom to watch her favorite show, read a book, eat a special treat or just lay back and relax. If the mom you’re celebrating isn’t a fan of baths, maybe extend the gift of an uninterrupted hot shower!

5. A break from daily responsibilities (cooking, bedtime, etc)

On any given day moms wear many hats and take on so many roles. And now we’ve added on a barrage of extra responsibilities in this season of life. The roles are many and the breaks are few. So, consider this an extra special gift for the mom you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day. She’s been doing all! the! things! Give her the day off from cooking and either cook for her or if you’re in a place to do so, support a local restaurant by ordering delivery or curbside pick up. Is cooking not your thing? Fear not! Offer to take on the nightime routine of bath time and bedtime so she can relax. If you’re looking to really ramp up this gift, give her the gift of taking on all the “mom requests” for the entire day so she doesn’t have to lift a finger all day long. 

And there you have it! 5 special ways to celebrate and love on that hard working, amazing mom in your life that believe it or not, might be totally achievable with the things you already have at home!

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